Namaste! I'm Carina, a yogini and yoga therapist.


Since very young, my curiosity and search for more profound life questions brought me into a self-transformation journey where I explored different worlds in spirituality and self-awareness. After surrendering to several processes of deconstruction of false "selves", I found my place of belonging in life and reason for existing. Practices such as Yoga, divine feminine, coaching and positive psychology significantly impacted my life, evolving my way of being, so it became the bedrock of my services.

My journey on the path of self-development began 15 years ago when Yoga came into my life after suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and OCD. I was fascinated by how my perspective and mood started changing after each class, and my curiosity drew me to sign up for a yoga teacher course—reaching over 750 hours of training in Táraka Yoga in Brazil and Dev Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya University in India. Beyond physical and mental well-being, Yoga became my passion and is embedded in everything I do. For me, Yoga is a way of being; it's our most intimate connection with ourselves and the world.

Although Yoga is a complete science, psychology has also been part of my life. Coaching has been a great tool to put things into perspective, providing understanding, direction and accountability. I have over seven years of experience delivering coaching sessions using evidence-based approaches such as GROW, PERMA and solution-focused.

To combine spirituality and science, I did an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, which was a rewarding and insightful experience. Naturally, humans seek connection, growth and freedom, which is possible through cultivating a healthy mind, a positive environment and self-awareness.

In addition to Yoga and psychology, the journey took me to connect with the divine feminine, where I discovered inner forces that allowed me to sustain autonomy and the freedom of being myself. Since then, I have followed the calling to facilitate women's circles to support other women in finding their autonomy and freedom.

For more than eight years, I have served this journey with respect and admiration, supporting a diverse audience, in a loving and inclusive way, to experience the healing powers of self-awaneress and yoga.

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