“Carina is an amazing yoga teacher and coach - I have been going to her group classes and having one-to-one sessions with her for a year and half now. Carina is intuitive and person-centred, and has the ability to adapt and tailor her classes and one-to-one sessions to the presenting needs of the student(s) in the moment. Carina is loving, generous and a joy to be around! I would highly recommend working with Carina - you won't be disappointed!”


“When I became pregnant, I had been practising yoga regularly at home, as I had been doing for over 5 years. But with the pains and limitations that came with advancing the pregnancy, I was no longer able to do my practice and was often afraid to do asanas that were not recommended during pregnancy. I tried some schools but the service was very impersonal and I didn't adapt. That's when I started doing 1 to 1 with Cari at home. And I couldn't have been more correct in my choice. She came to the comfort of my home and planned classes for each stage of pregnancy. I was able to feel much more relaxed and flexible as my due date approached.
My baby was born in natural delivery, and extremely fast, lasting 5 hours. I'm sure that the preparation I had with Cari helped me to evolve so quickly in labour and not have lacerations.
I highly recommend Carina's work. Extremely competent professional, patient and with what I consider most important in yoga: the union of mind and body, conducting classes where you can seek a perfect balance between both.”


“I highly recommend Carina's individual yoga sessions. She is one of the most intuitive practitioners I have worked with. In a yoga and well-being session with Carina you feel that she is working compassionately with both your mind and your body, enabling you to access your own 'inner healer'. As a psychotherapist I know how important it is to feel and connect with the body and it's messages in order to let go of a way of being that no longer serves you, and my experience of Carina's treatments is they always do just this. Each one is unique and each offer's insight and movement and a new perspective.”


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